Ice cream life hacks that will change your life

Have we ever wondered how we could better our ways of eating ice-cream, in order to make it even more enjoyable and less messy. Everyone loves ice cream and these days our love of this sweet frozen milk is taken very seriously. Ice cream life hacks that help us are as follows: freeze your ice cream in a zipper bag and suck out the air. This ensures the ice cream is softer and easier to scoop when you take it out of the freezer. Run a knife under hot water and slice the ice cream from a tub into squares, this helps with scooping. Always scoop in an ‘S’ shape, this is the most dynamic and efficient way to scoop ice cream. More ice cream life hacks include making layers of the ice cream like in a sundae. Try putting some in a piping bag and use it as an icing on your next cake. Or why not some ice cream in the bottom of some plastic cups to make cookie sandwiches. For ice cream inventiveness we need not look further that Denver, where two 14-year-old boys recently invented a new cone to Prevent drips when eating ice cream. Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald made a design and had it printed out with a 3D printer, not bad for pioneering the ice cream hacking field.

Ice cream life hacks for life

Jell-O with ice cream – The kids love it!

Jell-O with ice cream – the kids love it! Not just kids; we can guarantee that there are lots of adults too who would like to get their hands on some Jell-O with ice cream. It is tasty, creamy and very easy to make – what’s not to like? We will give you a simple recipe for easy to make Jell-O ice cream which doesn’t even require an ice cream machine. All you need is three ingredients and a freezer, it is that easy to make Jell-O with ice cream. Start with heavy whipping cream, two cups will suffice. 14 oz (1,75 cups) sweetened milk is the next ingredient. And for the last, you need jello powder. The flavor choice is yours, but you need at least 8 tablespoons. As for the directions, all you need to do is mix all of the ingredients in a cold bowl. Pour whipping cream first, sweetened milk second, and jello powder last. Use a plastic wrap to cover the bowl and freeze it for at least 5 hours. Review your work and start tasting it – tastes like childhood memories, right?

Jell-O with ice cream

Unusual Flavours of Ice Cream: Top 15 from around the World

Unusual Flavours of Ice Cream - Crocodile Egg

Unusual flavours of ice cream abound! There are literally thousands of weird, and downright disgusting, flavours from all around the world. Here is a list of the top 15:

1) Crocodile Egg – Apparently this flavour is in high demand in the Philippines for its surprising health benefits.

2) Breast Milk (aka Baby Gaga) – This controversial flavour from London is made using breast milk donations from the public!

3) Bacon – The perfect ice cream to pair with your scrambled eggs.

4) Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese – Should fish and ice cream really ever go together?

5) Beer – I wonder, how many scoops before you get tipsy?

6) Chocolate Potato Chip Fudge – anyone for ice cream and chips?

7) Octopus – A unique seafood flavour created in Japan.

8) Garlic – Be sure to avoid this one on a date!

9) Haggis – Scotland’s national dish served as dessert (also available is Yorkshire pudding flavour).

10) Cheeseburger – Hailing from Venzeuela, this flavour is a made from a blend of cheeseburger, French fries and a ‘secret’ ingredient.

11) Horsemeat – Can be purchased at an amusement park in Tokyo (Squid and Cow Tongue flavours are also available).

12) Horseradish – This one is from Max & Mina’s in New York, which also features over 5,000 one-of-a-kind flavours like pizza, corn on the cob and Jalepeno.

13) Foie Gras – Perfected in France, this caviar-based flavour has gained a sophisticated following.

14) Lobster – Created in Maine, this ice cream is packed full of buttery lobster chunks.

15) Secret Breakfast – Made with bourbon and Corn Flakes.

Sounds like the perfect hangover cure! These are just some of the many unusual flavours of ice cream available around the world for the most adventurous of palates.

Ice cream names – How naming happens

ice cream names - Satisfy My Bowl from Ben and Jerry

Ice cream names are not just names but a brand in itself. A lot of research goes into choosing the Ice Cream names, there is no one single method of choosing the name. There is though a definite process which can ensure getting the right name. A lot of creativity also goes into naming. Take for example the Satisfy My Bowl flavour from Ben and Jerry. Let us take a closer look at the process of naming.

(1) Creative parameter setting – The naming starts with a reference to the way of business. The name should reflect the way the company does business. Again taking reference from the name we earlier mentioned Satisfy My Bowl blends very well with tagline “”Linked Prosperity Defines our Success””.

(2) Listing out names – The second stage is to brainstorm to get a list of names. In this stage hundreds of names are discussed.

(3) Choosing the names – Using the list of names experts choose some names and recommend others, Still the list is long.

(4) Checking for availability and legality – When the name is finalised and two or three names are left, it is checked for availability as per copyright law.

(5) Building the story with the name – After choosing the brand a story is built around it. The story really takes the name forward. You can see for yourself the story behind the Satisfy My Bowl flavour and other flavours of Ben and Jerry in this article.


Shelves full of delicious Ice cream ...Heaven


Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I certainly did although was kept busy. Got some lovely presents and not all about ice cream! Although did get a few, one was this rather nice book from my niece. Already have a flick through and identified a few I will try. Loving my ice cream maker, made some rather nice rum and raisin ice cream to go with the Christmas pudding, and some nice Baileys ice cream, just cause I love Baileys ice cream.. My hub as a bit of a joke present went on Amazon and typed in Ice cream and bought me six books with the words in the title. They are all a bit different and not necessarily about ice cream but I am reading, The Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I am a bit of a sci fi fan – well a lot really. I also love apocalypse novels, so this was the first one that attracted me. I will let you know about the others as I get to them. The next one I plan to read is, The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson, looked like a light read but after a look at reviews on Goodreads I changed my mind sounds much more interesting now. I love Goodreads, does anyone else use it? I find it really helpful when deciding if I will purchase a book or try the author out from the library first.
Has anyone done a New Year”s resolution? Mine is to eat less ice cream!! Yes I am joking! Seriously though does anyone still do that? My mother did year after year, stop smoking was always top of the list, unfortunately she never managed it, sort of put me off.

Ice Cream for Halloween and Bonfire Night – Of Course Why Not?


An ice cream cake to freak you out - Red Velvet Brain Freeze Cake
Creepy or What??

I adore Halloween and just had to have a party. It was great fun, I love the dressing up, the spookiness and of course the food! My friends and I go to town making it interesting and gruesome. I found this great blog with a lot of ideas for food and ice cream cakes. One in the eye for my friend who thinks all ice cream cakes are arctic rolls and boring. Huh! I have fond memories of eating arctic rolls, anyone else remember those commercial ones? Today’s arctic rolls can be  exciting, interesting and very trendy, take a look at Jamie Oliver’s retro arctic roll . Jamie also does a nice Yule log arctic roll as well but more on that in December.

Gone are the days of boring ice cream cakes, try Jamie Oliver's Retro Arctic Roll for a trendier, tastier version
Jamie Oliver’s Retro Arctic Roll

I had a bit of a disaster in my kitchen last week, prior to the party. My oven blew up, its been with me a long time so sad to see it go. Left me in a bit of a bind as not of lot of cash at the moment ( had a bit of a blow out weekend just before the oven died) . Asked around and friends directed me to online loan company Simple straightforward process and I am now the proud owner of a new oven and a shiny ice-cream machine, what the hell thought I deserved one. Can’t wait to start using it. I plan on making some treacle toffee ice cream for bonfire night – just having a little trouble tracking down a recipe – anyone got one?

Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker
My new ice cream maker…Great isn’t it?

Ice-Cream is Chinese or American???

The first people who enjoyed ice cream

Is it true that Chinese made the first ice-cream? Well folks it seems so. The chinese king Tang Shang was the first to eat a food product made from milk and rice and then frozen. He was so fond of the frozen food that he had employed ninety men to prepare it for him. China is also the place where the first ice mixture was made using ice and salt, the forerunner of mass production of ice cream. You can call that the first attempted ice cream machine.

Forerunners of delicious Ice Cream

The recipe for ice cream was brought to Europe from China by Marco Polo. However it was not the ice cream we know today as the exquisite dessert. It was still evolving. However, most of the stories about ice-cream are not true. Even in Rome the rulers liked syrup with ice but had no idea about making ice cream.

The modern ice cream as we know today developed in France. It was first publicly served in a cafe called Café Procope. It was made from milk, cream, butter and eggs. It was after the formation of USA that ice cream became a treat of the masses. Till then it was a Royal treat meant for elite class. It was Jacob Fussell who started manufacturing ice cream in Pennsylvania. He was a milk dealer and started this as he had milk and cream left over during off season. However the product became so popular that he opened many more factories. Mass production helped to bring the cost down and ice cream was available for the common man. It was many other things that changed and we had the modern ice cream.Much more in the next post…

Ice cream you can cut with a knife…


Traditional Kahramanmaras Ice Cream seller, the ice cream you can cut with a knife
Traditional Kahramanmaras Ice Cream seller

A few years back I had the opportunity to visit a friend in Istanbul. It was June and really quite hot we spent a lot of time eating ie cream. One in particular, Kahramanmaras ice cream or dondurma as it is known in Turkey. It is an experience to eat this ice cream, from the first moment you approach the seller in his bright traditional costume, to watching him stir the ice cream in the huge tubs, lifting it and stretching it. The taste, well its velevty, smooth, luxurious and you close your eyes after the first bite to savour it. After you open them, you see this creamy coloured ice cream normally topped with chopped pistachio nuts just waiting there for you to enjoy more. The melt time on this ice cream is really slow, no sticky hands with this one. My friend told me her brother once brought some from Kahramanmaras to Istanbul in a polystyrene container in the car and it was still unmelted and edible when he got there!!

Originally the kahramanmaras ice cream was made from sheep’s milk, from sheep who have eaten wild orchids & flowers from the mountain of Ahir Dağı. The secret to the ice creams taste and texture being the salep component from the orchids. Nowadays the powdered root (or sad to say chemical equivalent) is used. Commercial produced it is a popular desert with many Turks, you can buy in the shops or from vendors or go to the franchise of Mado to enjoy it with some baklava – my favourite way.


Kahramanmaras Ice cream and Baklava a combination made in heaven
Kahramanmaras Ice cream and Baklava

5 Benefits of Vanilla ice-cream

Vanilla Ice-Cream
Vanilla Ice-Cream


Whenever I have a vanilla ice-cream, it gives me a different sensation. But until recently I did not know that it has health benefits. As I came across the information I was surprised and wanted to share with all ice-cream lovers. Health benefits of vanilla are numerous, and it is the most sold flavor.

All the people who told you not to eat ice-cream will be surprised when you tell the benefits to them. Vanilla extract is from vanilla beans which grow in the tropical regions. Add to that, it is the most expensive item by weight, even more than gold.

  • It helps to remove stress – Now you know why you felt better after having an ice-cream when you were in stress. Vanilla has the unique ability. Just take in the aroma and stress is gone. That is cool.
  • Cures Impotency – Vanilla has the unique ability to cure impotency in men. It makes you macho, so next time when you eat your favorite ice-cream actually you are helping your body.
  • Digestion and joints – Another effect of vanilla is reduction in joint pain and improved digestion. It is a magical herb.
  • Improves cognitive ability – Vanilla makes you smarter.It improves mental performance, and it has been proven by the scientists.
  • Decrease weight – This is the news, is it not? Yes eating ice-cream vanilla flavor can help you shed the extra pounds. I think this is good news for all ice-cream lovers. Just change your flavor and lose weight. No sweating in the gym.


Yummy ice Cream

Assortment of the different flavours of ice cream available

What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream? Mine is, well err it’s, oh dear I am not sure what my favourite flavor is, it keeps changing. I stand in the supermarket staring at the assortment on offer and my brain goes on a meltdown (sorry couldn’t resist!). Gone are the easy choice days of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ripple but really I am not complaining. The heady flavours available today are awesome, with names like Utter Peanut Butter Cluster and Cookie Dough from Ben and Jerry you are guaranteed interesting and tasty ice cream treats. In The Independent this month they reported that Ben & Jerry are prepared to launch a new ice cream, ‘half baked’ we only have to wait for cannabis to become legal! Yes cannabis infused ice cream, I was actually surprised (not sure why) but in California they already have weed ice cream from Cannabis Creamery that serve it up to people with medicinal marijuana prescriptions. Oddfellows Ice cream makers also offer savoury flavours like Guinness, mmm not sure I am ready for that. If you fancy trying a savoury ice cream have a look at this article with a recipe for blue cheese and Jacob cream crackers ice cream.
I had unexpected guests this weekend and as usual couldn’t decide on the flavour of the dessert, it would be ice cream of course but which? Oh decisions. I then remembered my mum’s favourite dessert when we were young, Arctic Roll. Remember them? The frozen ice cream and jam sponge that appeared regularly at Sunday lunches and special teas? They seemed to go out of favour, well given the explosion of ice cream flavours it’s no wonder. I had a bit of a browse on the internet and came up with this fantastic retro arctic roll recipe from Jamie Oliver. Easy to make and absolutely delicious, my guests loved it, recommend you give it try.

Fantastic retro take on the 1970s infamous dessert Arctic Roll
Retro Arctic Roll -Jamie Oliver